Frederick William Stone

Historical note: Frederick William was the twin of William Frederick Stone—and their father (George Burt Stone's father, George Lawrence Stone's grandfather) was also named William Frederick Stone.

See W. Lee Vinson's site,

The Boston Drum Builders, for extensive historical information and photos on the Stones and other prominent drum makers and percussionists in the Boston area.

In an article by Rick Mattingly and Susan Hannum on George Lawrence Stone in Modern Drummer, September 1985, we found: "George Lawrence Stone's heritage in the world of drumming extends farther back than one generation [George Burt Stone, George Lawrence's father, started the family business in the Boston area in the late nineteenth century]. An uncle on one side of his family played a drum in the Civil War . . ." A bit of family history research revealed that that uncle, one of George Burt Stone's brothers, was Frederick William Stone, a drummer in the Civil War starting at the age of 16. Here's a photo of him from a later date in California. The article also went on to say ". . . and a great-grandfather on the other side of his family drummed as a minuteman in the Revolutionary War." We're still researching!

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