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Stick Control . . . one of the greatest drum books of all time! Still important to modernize your playing. I use this book in my “Rockafying the Classics” teacher program.



There are only a few perfect things in life, and in the world of drum education, Stick Control is one of the very few perfect, brilliant drum books ever written. It has stood the test of time and will continue to do so. Because it is perfect, it will make you a better drummer . . . seriously!!!!!!!!!



Stick Control is an essential book for any serious drummer; I still practice from this book and realize how advantageous it is to all drummers, especially when playing down the pages, the transitions are very challenging.

I was playing the exercises and then started using the bass drum instead of the right or left hand. It gave me the idea to further this way of using the hands and right foot, which started me writing down  exercises which eventually led to my book Bass Drum Control. Thank you to George Lawrence Stone for writing a masterpiece.



George Lawrence Stone’s Stick Control first appeared in 1935. With a terse two-page introduction followed by a mere 21 pages of what he called “practice rhythms.” Stone unleashed a new and powerful method of technical development for all styles of drumming. The “How to Practice” page alone is worth the price of the book, and, although he never uses the word “exercise”, he explains clearly how to use his “conditioners” in a progressive and ambidextrous calisthenic routine, leading to speed, endurance, power and precision.

On the first three pages, Stone lists 72 sixteen-stroke phrases he calls “Single Beat Combinations.” Carefully chosen from the 216 = 65,536 permutations possible using only right and/or left hand single strokes, these figures define a comprehensive approach to freedom and flexibility with sticking. The 192 “Flam Beats” paved the way for the wrist and finger stroke control styles of Wilcoxon and Morello, and continue to be among the most effective and challenging practice patterns I know.



I first started working on Stick Control back in 1972 when I was in the eighth grade. My drum teacher’s name at the time was Myron MacDonald and it was in Warren, Michigan. He would give me six excercises from this GREAT book every week and he would use a metronome to “time” the speed and progress of my hands each week!! I still use Stick Control with my hands AND feet as a professional drummer and teacher. Thanks SO much to George Lawrence Stone for this classic book that has helped me SO much!!



I was introduced to the Stick Control book as a teen and I still use it as one of my main practice tools to this day! It is a very comprehensive book and can be practiced in many different ways to help complement and/or advance any drummer’s full technical and musical drum set vocabulary. . . . Fantastic book, I love it!



G. L. Stone taught my teacher (Chuck Brown), and I use Stone’s wrist and finger techniques to this day. Just the first column of the first page of this book is enough to reveal the beauty of the permutation process, as it unfolds the variation of pattern. To me, Stick Control is one of only a few drum instruction books that should be considered seminally important.



Stick Control is an important journey for every percussionist to develop a higher understanding of articulation, accuracy, and overall technique. This book will assist you to express the ideas in your head and to allow you hands to be your voice. George L. Stone created a masterpiece for any type of music in any era! He wrote this for the future!

Stick Control helped Joe Morello’s speed and control to unleash his musical greatness. Joe is the best example of Stick Control in action on the drum set. This legendary book helped me with my hands to express anything and prepare me for the Moeller technique. It is the best book in the world!



I think the book I had was about thirty pages long . . . I never got through it as it was the richest thirty pages of rudimental information I had ever seen.



As a young student, I was trained in the rudiments by the legendary Bobby Thompson and was enthralled by the drumming artistry of Joe Morello. Stick Control was obviously a huge part of my upbringing! As my career focused on drum corps, drumlines, and percussion education, I realized what an important and timeless gem we have in this great book! It is STILL the finest control/development book for drummers of all kinds!



Whether you’re just beginning to increase technical facility or just warming up before a gig, Stick Control is the original “go to” method book for drummers of all levels. I still use it and recommend it!



Stick Control has always been the mainstay of hand development, transcending its place in time. It is without a doubt one of the most important books in the drummer’s library, and occupies a unique place in the history of drumming.



After I finished Stick Control with my hands I had tremendous stick execution, I then played through it with my feet. This is the most powerful book for feet control! One page a week, each exercise one minute, non stop! Hands and feet control . . . this is important for every drummer!

DOM FAMULARO (Artist/educator/author/clinician)


I had the privilege of lessons with George L. Stone and he was truly a great inspiration! In all my years of teaching, the bible and backbone of the material used was the Stone Stick Control book . . . a classic!



Stick Control has been with me my entire drumming career. It has helped me to sharpen the tools of expression! Playing what you feel is what it is all about. This book is very important to practice every day.



I love that book and use it several times a month. My introduction to this awesome classic was in the mid-60s, and it has been a major component of technique building and maintenance to this day. Anyone serious about drumming needs this in their study library. It’s timeless.



I have been using George Lawrence Stone’s Stick Control almost daily since I first started studying with Joe Morello in 1968. Over the years, like most drummers, I have gone through MANY copies of the book, and currently use it religiously with my students at the University of North Florida. In addition, my wife Beth uses Stick Control as a prime snare reference for her students, which make us a multi Stick Control book family! The exercises are timeless, and the variations for different limbs, rhythms, and stick combinations endless. Joe Morello often points out that there are NO accents in Stick Control, and that the exercises should be played with an even sound from both hands, at all tempo variations. This in itself is a lifetime of work. In addition, studying with Joe (who studied WITH Mr. Stone), has provided me with insight and a direct connection to this material that has been one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive. I always travel with a copy of Stick Control (my security blanket), and I recommend this book to EVERY drummer, regardless of level.



The essential requirements for drum training—food, water, and Stick Control.



A standard text that has stood the test of time (in many ways). To the many hours spent practicing the work.



From my first drum lesson until today, Stick Control has been the guidebook and the omnipresent theme of my drumming career. The  title says it all. The only book that contains all the information you’ll ever need to gain complete command and control over the drums is Stick Control. Even when I looked for drumming literature to improve my foot technique, I ended up using Stick Control, . . . it’s THAT good.



If you’re only going to get one drum book in your life it should be this one. It is the mother of all drum methods. Unsurpassed in its structural simplicity it’s predestined to remain relevant as long as there will be students interested in the art of drumming. This book is  timeless.



I studied with Mr. Stone in the 1940s. He inspired me every lesson and showed me the techniques to creative musical expression. Stick Control helped me for my hands and also applying it on the drumset! Master Studies and Master Studies 2 are my dedicated follow up to what the master taught me. He called me his ‘star student,’ and for that I am forever grateful. Use this book every day!



It is difficult to imagine a book having as far reaching an influence as Stick Control. It is as relevant and vital today as it was the day it was first introduced to the world of drumming.



The Stone Stick Control is an important foundation for all drummers . . . all approaches . . . from classical to rudimental to drum set. A traditional background for developing technique and dexterity.



I have used and continue to use Stick Control as a needed source for my drumming. Practice hard and play hard!



Regardless of what style of music you play or which percussion instrument you specialize in, Stick Control is an essential text for building strong drumming fundamentals.


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